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Kris Woodbeck, MCS
President & CEO

Having been involved in countless startups in the Ottawa area since 2000, Kris finally decided to get more proactive and founded Incogna. Kris began the technology behind Incogna after developing a curiosity about how the cells in the visual cortex can so effectively process large quantities of visual information. He combined this with his practical knowledge of the most parallel processors on the market (the GPU) in order to develop a large scale visual processing system, which forms the core of the Incogna ICRE&trade engine. Related to Incogna, Kris has received the NSERC Innovation Challenge award (2008), University of Ottawa Innovator of the Year (2007), an award in the University of Ottawa School of Management Business Model Competition (2007) and won the University of Ottawa Entrepreneur's Club Elevator Pitch contest (2007).

Huiqiong Chen, PhD.
Chief Operating Officer

As an expert in operational computer vision, Dr. Chen has been focused on ensuring the successful deployment of many of Incogna's production systems. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in both high speed image processing, as well as a strong operational mindset that allows her to both maximize the productivity of Incogna's computer vision personel and to ensure that Incogna solutions deliver what our customers need.

Gerhard Roth, PhD.
Chief Science Officer

With over 80 publications in computer vision and related fields, Dr. Roth brings substantial amount of computer vision and geometric processing expertise to Incogna. He is focused on the research & development of various GPU-powered intiatives which will be available in the Incogna ICRE™ engine. Prior to Incogna, Dr. Roth was the Group Leader of the Computational Video Group over at the National Research Council of Canada.