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Incogna Enterprise Computer Vision Appliance

Does extracting knowledge from your imagery take up a significant part of your budget? Do you find yourself outsourcing your image analysis tasks overseas? If so, talk to us - we have a proven track record automating enterprise computer vision workflows for a variety of sensors, both optical and other.

Whatever the sensor, whatever the task, make sure you're not spending valuable resources on repetitive automation tasks - let us help you augment your computer vision workflow. Talk to us about reducing your workflow turnaround time and the long term cost of knowledge extraction for your organization.

Incogna builds custome solutions that are available as Computer Vision Appliances powered by NVIDIA Tesla GPU technology.

Incogna GPU Appliances

Each Incogna Appliance consists of both hardware and a license for the Incogna Content Recognition Engine (ICRE), including any customizations created for the target project. The hardware component is powered by the NVIDIA Tesla platform and comes in performance levels suitable for a variety of processing requirements.

All Incogna Appliances come with 2 years of technical support and maintenance.

The Incogna Fermi Appliance

The Incogna Kepler Appliance

The Incogna Maxwell Appliance

Contact us to see how we can help reduce your image processing bottlenecks.