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Visual Search

The major image search engines on the web today don't even look at the content of their images, they've made themselves in text processing, so they only look at each image's text meta-data. At Incogna, we're trying a different approach. By using highly parallel processors, we process the shape in every image and use this to build a large scale searchable visual index. With typical desktop processors, this scale of processing is not computationally feasible. But by exploiting processor parallelism to an unprecedented degree, Incogna's image search technology lets you explore visual data in a whole new way.

Our Goal

Bluntly put, the goal is to organize the world's visual information. Searching text has proven crucial on the web, but searching images and video is much more complex and needs an entirely different approach. Of course, processing such large scale visual information is a difficult problem that's set to evolve quickly over the next few years...but we're happy to show off what we've got so far!


Here are some details about Incogna:

Other Kudos

Incogna and its technology would probably never have seen the light of day if it wasn't for: